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Gift from Google, Inc. to support the collaboration in emerging regions to offer mobile and Internet technology incubator courses instructed by MIT alumni, graduate students and undergraduate teaching assistants.
Active Minds2721312
MIT's mental health advocacy group on campus
Gifts to support MIT Army ROTC education and student life initiatives, including leadership and engineering initiatives, the creation of alumni newsletters, the implementation of fundraising initiatives, and the hosting of student social events.
Gifts to support Air Force ROTC education and student life initiatives including leadership and engineering initiatives, alumni newsletters, and hosting student social events.
Gifts of alumni/ae and friends to support the activities of the Rho Nu Chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity in addressing the needs of the black community and serving its youth, as well as social service for the greater MIT community. Such activities include enhancing student life and providing leadership opportunities that connect service and learning and promote diversity and inclusion at MIT.
Gifts to an endowment fund to support the general activities of the Alpha Chi (MIT) chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, as recommended by the student leadership of the Alpha Chi (MIT) chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, in accordance with MIT policies relating to the use of student activity funds.
Gifts to support Amphibious Achievement, a dual athletic and academic mentorship program for high school students in the Boston area.
Gifts of alumni/ae and friends to support the Black Students Union. Funds support services and programs that give a sense of community and help to aid in the welfare of black students on and off campus.
Gifts from alumni/ae and friends to support black women events that encourage bonding such as yearly retreats, winter banquets, and black women's week.
Camp Kesem MIT provides a free summer camp for kids whose parents have or have had cancer. Additionally, we help college students develop leadership skills by offering them hands-on experience in running a nonprofit.
Fund established to provide academic incentive award to Chocolate City for programs and events.
Gifts in honor of the 25th Anniversary of Chocolate City to support renovation and enhancements to study and lounge space at Chocolate City, as well as for educational programming for Chocolate City brothers and the Black student community on campus.
Gift of alumni/ae and friends to provide unrestricted support to the MIT Chorallaries, with a preference for travel expenses related to the annual Spring Break tour.
Gifts to support the Combat Robotics Club, a competitive robotics competition student group, through the Edgerton Center.
Gifts from alumni/ae and friends to support large events that are put on collectively by the groups that represent the African Diaspora.
Gifts to support MIT's Christian a cappella student group MIT Cross Products.
Gifts of alumni/ae and friends to support the CSAIL Student Social Committee. This committee allocates money for CSAIL student activities and raises general CSAIL student issues with the head of CSAIL.
Gifts from NASA to support the CubeQuest Challenge.
CubeSat Team2530138
Gifts of alumni/ae and friends to support the MIT CubeSat Team
Gifts in memory of Dan Barclay to establish an endowed fund to provide support for the activities of the MIT Debate Team. Such activities may include but are not limited to expenses related to travel to debate tournaments and hosting debate tournaments.
Will be used for sponsoring secondary students in Africa. An increased amount of funding will increase the number of children EASE can sponsor.
Gifts to support MIT Educational Studies Program, which is dedicated to providing a unique, affordable educational experience for motivated middle school and high school students.
The Egyptian Student Association supports scientific, cultural and entrepreneurial awareness events, as well as outreach efforts to Egypt.
GIfts to support MIT Chapter of Engineers Without Borders student group. EWB wants to target alumni who work in related fields and tap into the powerful MIT network.
et Spiritus2859951
Gifts to support the activities of MIT et Spiritus, a journal of Christian thought.
Gifts of alumni/ae and friends to support the MIT Ethiopian-Eritrean Students Association (MIT-EESA). The purpose of the MIT-EESA is to bring about awareness and understanding of Ethiopian culture to the MIT community, as well as to residents of the Cambridge and Boston area. In addition, the group will strive to create a venue where Ethiopian/Eritrean students and those interested in Ethiopian/Eritrean culture can interact and learn from one another's experiences.
One of the first queer student groups in the US, GaMIT provides an avenue for LBGT social and political advocacy at MIT.
Gifts to support GlobeMed at MIT. GlobeMed at MIT promotes global health equity by connecting students with a unique partner organization devoted to improving the health of people living in poverty. GlobeMed at MIT further aims to advocate for global health and social justice by educating its members and the MIT community about the issues confronted by our partner organization, as well as current problems in the realm of global health and international aid.
Gifts from alumni/ae and friends to support graduate student life needs and initiatives, as determined by the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education (ODGE).
Gifts of alumni/ae and friends to support the Graduate Women at MIT (GWAMIT) student group. The mission of GWAMIT is to promote the personal and professional development of MIT's graduate women.
Mobile Autonomous Systems Laboratory (Maslab) is a student-run activity during IAP where teams of three to four students have less than a month to build and program sophisticated robots which must explore an unknown playing field using visual navigation.
Gifts to support special programming and events held by the International Students Office specifically for MIT's international student community.
Gifts from alums and friends of the Concert Band to establish an endowed fund to support special projects and/or commissions of the student activity of the MIT Concert Band.
Gifts from alumni/ae and friends to support MIT Kendall Band Preservation Society student group, which is refurbishing the Kendall Station music sculpture by Paul Matisse called 'Kendall Band'.
Funds for programs and services that help to ensure a safe and supportive campus-wide community where lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, questioning individuals, and their allies are all welcomed as equals.
Gifts from alumni/ae and friends to support the Leadership Training Institute (LTI). LTI trains motivated high school students on the integration of leadership and service in their lives.
Lebanese Club2720501
The Lebanese Club fosters the Lebanese community life at MIT and acts as a resource to promote Lebanese culture and interests in the larger Boston area. Gifts will help support the initiatives and activities of the club as specified by its elected committees.
Gifts of alumni/ae and friends to support the MIT Lindy Hop Society. The group's mission is the promotion of Lindy Hop swing and other related dances.
Gifts of alumni/ae and friends to support travel costs for the MIT Logarhythms. The MIT Logarhythms will be spreading their love of music and passion for performance each year during spring break.
Gifts from alumni/ae and friends to support the professional development of its members and STEM outreach in the Boston community.
Gifts from alumni/ae and friends to support the Marine Robotics Team (MRT) at MIT.
MedLinks is a residentially based peer health advocacy program comprised of student representatives (each one called a MedLink). Currently, there are more than 150 MedLinks volunteers; MedLinks can be found in every undergraduate dormitory and many fraternities, sororities, and independent living groups. MedLinks serve as a source of reference and referral around various health topics and can make available common over-the-counter medications and first aid supplies.
Gifts from alumni/ae and friends to support the MIT Armenian Society.
Gifts from alumni/ae and friends to support the MIT Asian Dance Team (MITADT). The MITADT provides the MIT community with a taste of East Asian culture via the medium of dance.
MIT Cricket Club enables MIT students and alumni to play competitive cricket in the American College Cricket League
Gifts from alumni/ae and friends to support the Electric Vehicle Team at MIT.
Gifts from alumni/ae and friends to support the MIT Emergency Medical Services, a student group dedicated to providing emergency medical support resources to the MIT Community. In addition to operating MIT's ambulance at the Basic Life Support level, the group trains undergraduate and graduate students, as well as MIT faculty and staff, in emergency medical skills.
The MIT Energy Club brings students, professionals, and policymakers together for fact-based analyses of the most pressing challenges in energy
MIT GreekEat2859763
Gifts to support MIT GreekEat, a student group whose purpose is to raise awareness about the health benefits of the Mediterranean, and more specifically, the Greek diet among the MIT community and in the greater Boston area.
Gifts to support and promote creative hands on learning through the improvement of the Hobby Shop facilities and space.
Gifts from sponsors, alumni/ae, friends, and family to support the MIT Inspire student group. The MIT Inspire student group engages in activities to advance research and awareness in the areas of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences.
Gifts from alumni/ae and friends to support the MIT Live Music Connection, a student organization devoted to bringing live music by students to students.
MIT MAPS Fund2859626
Gifts from alumni/ae and friends to support the MIT MAPS student group. The MAPS group intends to motivate, encourage and prepare pre-health students from a disadvantaged background, an underrepresented minority group or a medically underserved area to be competitive applicants for health professional schools through a sharing of knowledge, experience and mentorship.
Gifts of alumni/ae and friends to support the MIT Mirchi Student Group, a co-ed competitive Bollywood dance team.
MIT Mock Trial participates in competitions hosted by the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA) and strives to inspire interest in the US legal system while developing students' communication skills.
Current-use gifts from alumni and friends to support for MIT Motorsports.
Gifts of alumni and friends to establish an endowed fund, with the income to provide support for MIT Motorsports.
MIT Ohms2721424
Gifts to support the Ohms, MIT's South Asian A Cappella Group.
The Marauders, the MIT quidditch team, a group of Harry Potter enthusiasts that help students get out, get active, and enjoy literature.
Gifts of alumni/ae and for the MIT Robotics Team which builds robots.
Gifts from alumni/ae and friends to support the MIT Rocket Team.
Gifts of Robert E. Sacks (1975) to establish an endowed fund with a minimum principal of $5,000 for general support of the Science Fiction Library.
Gifts from alumni/ae and friends to support the MIT Southeast Asian Service Leadership Network (SEALnet). Its mission is to promote the spirit of service leadership in Southeast Asia.
Dedicated to Promoting Sales as a fundamental business skill necessary for every career.
Gifts in support of the Sloan Ski and Snowboard Club. The Ski and Snowboard Club aims to provide opportunities for the MIT Sloan community to participate in skiing, snowboarding and other winter activities and to specifically organize and represent Sloan in inter-collegiate competitions such as Dartmouth's annual Tuck Winter Carnival.
Gifts in support of the MIT Sloan Social Impact Club (formerly the Socially Responsible Business Club), an MBA student club. The club's mission is to improve the world by growing and strengthening a network of leaders who use the power of business to make a positive net social, environmental, and economic impact.
Gifts in support of the MIT Sloan Toastmaster's Club. The Toastmaster's Club helps Sloan students to develop and enhance their communication and leadership skills.
Gifts in support of the MIT Sloan Veterans Association. The MIT Sloan Veterans Association is a student organization for members of the MIT Sloan School of Management and greater MIT graduate community who have served in the US or other national armed forces. They are committed to the professional development of their members by connecting with veterans throughout the academic and business communities, building camaraderie, raising awareness of military values among their peers, and assisting outstanding veteran applicants learn about MIT Sloan School of Management. The MIT Sloan Veterans Association consists of MIT Sloan students who have served, or are currently serving, in the armed forces of their respective countries. Our strong international Sloan Veteran alumni network are committed to supporting current student veterans achieve their goals both at MIT Sloan and beyond.
Gifts in support of the MIT SWIM (Sloan Women in Management) Club. MIT Sloan Women in Management (SWIM) is a community of students dedicated to the personal and professional development of women at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Our mission is to provide women with skills and support to realize their full potential in the business world.
Gifts of alumni/ae and friends to support the MIT Sporting Clays Association. The mission of the Association is to foster the activity of sporting clays (skeet, trap and sporting clays) among the MIT community.
Gifts of alumni/ae and friends to support the MIT Water Club, a network for water research and innovation at MIT.
MITERS Fund2739367
Gifts from alumni/ae and friends to support the MITERS student club at MIT.
Gifts from alumni/ae and friends to support the MIT Mocha Moves Dance Squad. The Mocha Moves Dance Squad promotes and celebrates hip hop and urban dance culture at MIT and throughout the Greater Boston Area.
Helps finance MIT's Model UN Conference (MITMUNC) and MUN conferences MIT students attend around the world.
Gifts from alumni/ae and friends to support the programs and events of the Muslim Students' Association.
The MSA is dedicated to supporting and fostering the Muslim community at MIT and to increasing Islamic awareness on campus.
Gifts from alumni/ae and friends to support Pershing Rifles. The National Society of Pershing Rifles is to develop outstanding traits of leadership, military science, military bearing, and discipline and to instill a commitment to a life of public service through community engagement.
Next Act2720417
Contributions to this fund provide support for Next Act, a Next House based theater group that draws talent from all around campus that puts on an annual, fully student-run musical over Campus Preview Weekend each spring. The production invites and connects all members of the MIT community and welcomes participation from those with any level of acting/singing/dancing experience. Gifts would go towards buying copyrights for the professional work, building the stage, lighting, acquiring costumes and props, and various other requirements for mounting the production.
NSUW establishes a network of women undergraduates, faculty, alumnae and professionals to empower women in their business endeavors and support them in the development of their careers.
We are a group of Pakistani students at MIT who aims to promote and create awareness about Pakistani culture through events and discussions, as well as providing a platform for Pakistani students to network with MIT alumni and professionals in the Boston area.
Gifts of alumni/ae and friends to support the Palestine@MIT group.
The MIT Persian Student Association aims to promote an understanding of the Persian culture, foster friendship among different cultural groups, provide a source of union, and support the MIT community and beyond. We are devoted to using the platform and resources we are provided with to organize cultural events that are accessible and informative to both the Persian and non-Persian communities. We work together alongside other organizations on the MIT campus to nurture positivity and display our core values of peace, friendship, and solidarity.
Rambax Fund4024400
Gifts from alumni/ae and friends to support Rambax to expand it's performing and touring capabilities and other special projects. Rambax, a west-African drumming group, is a performance ensemble within the MIT Music and Theater Arts Section.
Gifts to support MIT's journal of arts and letters.
Gifts of alumni/ae and friends to Sangam, the Indian graduate students association at MIT. One of the main purposes of Sangam is to enrich the MIT environment with the culture and traditions of the Indian subcontinent. Towards this, Sangam organizes plenty of events over the course of the year like Diwali, Indian Republic Day, Holi, Indian Independence Day, Orientation for newcomers, and many more! The gifts would be used to support our events
Gifts from alumni/ae and friends to support the Secular Society at MIT. The Secular Society is a community of students identifying with or interested in a nonreligious perspective. We support initiatives to strengthen our community through discussion, speakers, interfaith dialogue, and service opportunities open to all students.
Sidney-Pacific Graduate Community serves as a center for community life both for its residents and the entire MIT graduate student population. Gifts from alumni/ae and friends will support graduate student community events, activities and infrastructure resources as designated.
Gifts in support of the Sloan African Business Club, an MBA student club. The African Business Club aims to educate the Sloan and wider MIT community about Africa through the lenses of business and development; to provide forums for intelligent discussion on pan-African issues; to attract and engage those within the MIT community (Sloan + beyond) interested in African entreprise, entrepreneurship, innovation, and development; and to provide a base of support for African students.
Gifts in support of the MIT Sloan Basketball Club, an MBA student club.
Gifts from alumni/ae and friends to support members' attendance at events that provide networking and mentor opportunities.
Gifts in support the Sloan Energy and Environment Club, an MBA student club. The Energy and Environment Club's mission is to bring the Sloan and MIT communities closer to current trends, technologies, and careers in energy and environmental management. Sensitive to the natural interplay between energy and the environment, we look to encourage leadership in the energy sector and excellence in both direct and indirect environmental stewardship.
Gifts in support of the Sloan Entrepreneurs for International Development (SEID) Club. The Sloan Entrepreneurs for International Development (SEID) is a student-led organization that seeks to drive sustainable global development through entrepreneurship by fostering productive collaborations between students and new ventures in emerging markets and by raising awareness of current challenges and success models.
Gifts in support of the MIT Sloan Hockey Club. The Hockey Club aims to help Sloanies be active and introduce them to hockey. It also encourages Sloan students to interact with the rest of MIT, including fraternity members, other graduate students, and alumni, on a consistent basis.
Gifts in support of the Sloan Investment Management Club, an MBA student club. The MIT Sloan Investment Management Club (IMC) is dedicated to providing a forum for exchange of ideas and matching of talent between the investment management community, MIT Sloan alumni, and current students. The IMC seeks to leverage MIT Sloan’s reputation in finance and the extensive MIT Sloan alumni network in the investment management field to provide relationships and visibility to its partners and members.
Gifts in support of the Sloan Israel Business Club, an MBA student club. The Israel Business Club aims to expose MIT Sloan students to Israel's dynamic economy and the country's unique culture and challenges.
Gifts to support the Sloan Jewish Student Organization (SJSO). The MIT Sloan Jewish Students Organization aims to promote business, cultural, social, and religious activities at the MIT Sloan School of Management. The goal of the SJSO is to enhance the Jewish experience at Sloan and provide a forum where all Sloan students can discuss the Jewish perspective on professional life at Sloan and beyond.
Gifts of alumni/ae and friends to support the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transexual (LGBT) Club activities at the Sloan School. SloanLGBT is a student organization established to foster and promote an open and honest environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered students, partners, faculty and staff in the Sloan community. We seek to promote positive images of the LGBT community and to foster opportunities for personal and professional growth regardless of sexual preference or sexual identity.
Gifts in support of the Sloan Real Estate Club, an MBA Student Club. The mission of the MIT Sloan Real Estate Club is twofold: to bring together a set of MIT Sloan MBA students who share a common interest in Real Estate, and to promote networking and learning opportunities via contact with leaders in industry and academia. Benefits of club membership include treks to New York and Boston, networking mixers and other special off-campus events, as well as access to Club-only job postings such as opportunities with development, investment, private equity, and research firms.
Gifts from alumni/ae and friends to support the MIT Venture Capital Conference. The Conference brings venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and students together for keynote presentations, and panel discussions on Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship.
Gifts in support of the Sloan Technology Club (formerly the Sloan MediaTech Club), an MBA student club. The goal of the club is to educate members about the high-tech and media industries and to provide them opportunities to interact with companies in these fields. The club hosts a speaker series that brings CEOs and senior executives to campus; organizes student visits to companies in Silicon Valley, Asia, Austin, Seattle, Massachusetts, and other locations; and provides inside information on landing jobs with high-tech companies.
Gifts from alumni/ae and friends to support the professional development of our members and further the Hispanic presence on-campus.
Inspiring students to learn what they love: Spokes America is a bike trip across the United States designed to make STEM accessible to students everywhere.
Stop Our Silence is a student group that raises awareness about sexual assault on college campuses.
To support maintenance and upgrades to infrastructure which helps MIT's student computing group provide innovative services, teaching and documentation to advance the state of computing at MIT and for the world.
Gifts from alumni/ae and friends to support a capella student group 'Syncopasian'.
Gifts from alumni/ae and friends to support MIT TechFair, which is an exposition showcasing the most innovative and interesting technologies at the Institute and across the nation.
Gifts of alumni/ae and friends to support The Forum, a student group for student-led discussions about politics, current events, and campus issues.
The Tech Fund2898700
Contribute to The Tech, MIT's student newspaper and the first ever newspaper on the Internet. Gifts support our reporting, and help us continue to chronicle the history of MIT.
The Undergraduate Association is the undergraduate student government at MIT. It advocates for better academic and student life policies on behalf of the students.
Gifts from alumni/ae and friends to support the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Team at MIT.
The Vietnamese Student Association seeks to connect members of the Vietnamese community and promote awareness and appreciation of Vietnamese culture.