Teaching for the Future

MIT offers students an unparalleled “learning by doing” educational experience. Every day, students are challenged and inspired by MIT’s world-renowned and dedicated faculty. Students learn in state-of-the-art facilities designed to nurture their curiosity and intellectual growth. And they live together with friends from all over the world who bring a diverse and broad range of experiences to their lives and the Institute.


Parents Supporting MIT

The Parents Leadership Circle (PLC) is a giving community made up of generous families that provide leadership-level support. By giving, MIT parents help ensure that each student benefits from all that MIT has to offer, while preserving this exceptional experience for generations to come. Support from parent leaders directly impacts the student experience by:

  • Making an MIT education accessible to promising students regardless of income
  • Allowing MIT to attract and retain the finest faculty in the world
  • Enabling more than 500 student groups
  • Fueling a premiere athletics program
  • Advancing a vibrant artistic culture
  • Sustaining student health and wellness programs

In addition, parent leadership support will help advance the MIT Campaign for a Better World, an unprecedented effort to bring all of MIT’s strengths to bear on the world’s most pressing problems.

“As MIT parents, we are inspired by MIT students' passion and commitment to solve some of the most pressing and complex issues facing our world.  Giving to MIT allows us to support our students and the Institute in addressing these important challenges and make a lasting impact.”

Erin and Kevin Przybocki, P '20