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Endowed fund which provides income to support student travel for conferences and student-travel related research in the fields of water resources, hydrodynamics and environmental engineering.
Gifts of alumni/ae and friends to support the Community Innovators Lab Fund (CoLab). The fund supports the Lab's mission of engaging students, faculty, and community partners in projects that promote democratic engagement, shared wealth generation, and urban sustainability.
Unrestricted Discretionary support for the CSAIL, applied where it is most needed.
Funds to be used at the discretion of CSAIL's Director for the benefit of the Laboratory. Revenue sources include royalties, pool C income and Gifts to CSAIL as well as transfers from other departments.
Provides support for industrial partnerships.
Provides support of the research programs at CSAIL, including lecture series, colloquium and talks, seeding of new projects, research assistantships, UROP support for MIT undergraduate students to participate in cutting edge research projects specifically with CSAIL Principal Investigators and support for CSAIL research facilities and infrastructure.
This fund honors Professor David H. Staelin whose career in RLE as a graduate student and professor spanned five decades. The purpose of this fund is to help recruit outstanding graduate students by providing support for first-year RLE research assistantship offers. The selection of students for such support will be at the discretion of the RLE Director.
Gifts of family and friends, in memory of Dustin Arthur Smith, to establish an endowed fund to provide support for student activities in the MIT Media Lab.
The Peake Fund supports an annual prize for graduate student research excellence in bioengineering and communication biophysics.
The Haus Fund supports a program to bring visiting lecturers to the MIT campus who will present new ideas and interact with MIT faculty and students.
Gifts from alumni/ae, friends, and industry sponsors for discretionary use by the Human Systems Laboratory (formerly Man Vehicle Laboratory) to support general activities within the lab, including maintaining and fostering a thriving community through student activities, annual events, career development activities, and community-building activities.
Gifts support the Humanitarian Lab and its work to meet human needs by understanding and improving the supply chains enabling emergency response and emerging market development. The fund provides flexible resources to supplement direct funding for the lab's applied research, open education, and operational engagement with humanitarian organizations and vulnerable communities on several continents.
Gifts of alulmni/ae and friends in memory of Jonathan Allen to provide support for junior faculty and students in the Research Laboratory for Electronics (RLE).
Gifts in memory of MIT visiting scientist Dr. Kanako Miura to support CSAIL Robotics.
Gifts for a fund for the discretionary use of the Head of the Laboratory for Nuclear Science.
Gifts from alumni/ae and industrial sponsors to be used as unrestricted support of general activities within the Lab for Information and Decision Systems (LIDS).
Gifts to support space improvements for the Lab for Manufacturing and Productivity (LMP).
Gifts of alumni/ae and friends to support diversity in Media Arts and Sciences, including support for diversity student recruitment and retention, hosting colloquia and special events, and supporting diversity student travel.
Expendable discretionary support for the Media Lab.
Supports basic research (including UROPs and graduate student support), undergraduate teaching, and lecture series hosted by the Synthetic Neurobiology Group in the Media Lab.
To enhance the life and education of graduate students.
The RLE Fund is the locus of gifts with the goals of promoting community and outreach in the Research Laboratory of Electronics, as well as to seed innovative projects at the discretion of the Director.
Gifts to support research in the Physical Optics and Research Electronics Group under the supervision of Professor Rajeev Ram in the Research Laboratory of Electronics.
Scratch Fund2741488
Scratch Labs supports the continuing development of Scratch software.
Gifts from alumni/ae and friends, in honor of Sheila Frankel, to support undergraduate research travel for students working in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering's Parsons Lab.
Provides support for maintaining and fostering a thriving community, including student activities, annual events, career development activities, and community-building activities for postdocs, faculty, staff and students.
Gifts of alumni/ae and friends to the Abdul Latif Jameel Water and Food Systems Lab (J-WAFS) at MIT. The mission of J-WAFS, an Institute-wide initiative, is to alleviate the problems of water and food supply in the face of growing populations, changing climates, agriculture challenges, and increased urbanization.