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Gifts for renovations to Baker House.
Gifts to support classroom renovations as dictated by the greatest priority of the Institute.
Gifts from alumni/ae and friends to support programs and activities of East Campus residence.
Gifts for a new residence hall or for renovations to existing residence halls for graduate students.
Gifts to support dormitory improvements that will enhance the quality of life in MacGregor House.
Gifts to support community-building initiatives in McCormick Hall at the discretion of the Mccormick Hall Housemaster.
Gifts designated for specific rooms in the Athletics Facility.
Gifts to support the operations of the New House 4 Residence Hall.
Gifts to support weekly programs and activities for the residents of Next House, as well as the growth and development of student groups in Next House.
Gifts in support of activities and furnishings for Random Hall.
The endowment has been created to underwrite the future upkeep of the Gray House garden.
Gifts to support programs and activities for the residents of Simmons Hall, and to help underwrite Simmons Hall events open to the MIT community.
Gifts for the new building for the Sloan School of Management.
Appropriated and designed gifts of alumni for the improvement of undergraduate facilities.