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Gifts of alumni/ae and friends to support the mission of the Institute Community and Equity Office.
Gift of alumni/ae and friends to establish an expendable fund aimed at addressing wellbeing of the MIT community, especially the students. The program will focus on engaging the innovation and creativity of faculty, students and staff, coordinating the many resources at MIT. MindHandHeart’s goal is clear: over time, we want members of our community to feel more comfortable asking for help when they need it, and we want to build a healthier, stronger community.
Gifts to an invested account for community service programs.
Gifts to provide financial assistance to MIT staff and postdoctoral scholars who are experiencing an immediate, severe, and temporary financial hardship due to a sudden or non-recurring emergency (e.g., serious illness or injury, family crisis, natural disaster, etc.). Administered by the MIT Center for WorkLife and WellBeing.