UGC: Underclassmen Giving Campaign
Thank you to all of the volunteers and donors who made the 2015-2016 Underclassmen Giving Campaign a huge success!

This spring, 851 underclassmen participated in the UGC raising a total of $3,375.87, which was generously matched dollar for dollar by our alumnus challenger Rishi Kumar! If these results aren’t incredible enough, take a look at how we did overall this year:

Total Student Donors: 1,363 (freshmen, sophomores and juniors)
Total Student $: $6,691.81
Total Challenge $: $6,691.81 (Rishi Kumar 02’s $ for $ match)
Total UGC $ for D-Lab: $13,383.62

All of the student and challenge dollars raised this year funded student D-Lab Fieldwork projects over IAP and will fund grants for our UGC candidates this summer.

The UGC excelled in fundraising this year, and UGC candidate voting was also a great success this spring! Here’s a breakdown of the final voting results:
Peer Impact Prize Winners
1st Place: Samir Wadhwania ’18, Solar-powered Water Distribution Systems, El Salvador
2nd Place: Julia Heyman ’16, Household Air Pollution Monitoring with Sensor Networks, Uganda
3rd Place: Rin Yunis ’16, Designing and Implementing Workshops for FabLab in Thailand
The UGC will start up again in the fall, if you want to volunteer or learn more about the UGC send us an email at