What is the UGC?
Since October 2006, MIT first-years, Sophomores and Juniors have been donating their time and money to support student projects around the world through the Underclassmen Giving Competition (UGC). Each semester, volunteers gather in Lobby 10 for a one-week campaign, encouraging classmates to support their fellow students by helping fund their project ideas and turn them into reality.
MIT alumni Brett Miwa '86, PhD '92 and Julia Miwa PhD ’92 are serving as this year’s UGC challengers. Brett and Julia will match all underclassmen gifts 2:1, tripling the impact for this year’s D-Lab projects!
For the third year, the UGC is exclusively funding MIT D-Lab Fieldwork Grants through a combination of student dollars and challenge dollars. These grants provide funding to send MIT students abroad to continue work initiated at MIT D-Lab to establish sustainable impact in developing communities around the globe.
Each semester UGC volunteers representing the first-years, sophomores and juniors lead their classes to compete in this giving competition. Volunteers encourage their classmates to support grants for student led MIT D-lab projects that are designed to tackle poverty issues in developing communities. If you are interested in volunteering or learning more about the UGC, please send us an email at ugc@mit.edu.
Current Volunteers
Class of 2019

UGC Co-Chair
Nonye Ikeanyi

Lisbeth Acevedo
Brittany Arviso
Shavina Chau
Lexi Jones
Sabrina Mazer
Mariah Mullen
Samira Okudo
Garrett Souza
Amber VanHemel
Class of 2020

UGC Co-Chair
Audri Amaro

John Adeyeye
Sam Fletcher
Karen Gu
Mofoluwaso Jebutu
Jasmine Jin
Allison Lenhard
Gabrielle Marvez
Tyler Millis
Diana Nguyen
Jack Novak
Jadorian Paul
Jade Talley
Robert Vunabandi
Natalie  Woods
Class of 2021

Joshua Butler
Kylie  Carpenter
Emily  Freel
Magreth Kakoko
Ryan  Mansilla
Alejandra Navarro
Jordan Tappa
Peter Wofford
Julia Wyatt
Claire Yost