What is the UGC?
Since October 2006, MIT first-years, sophomores and juniors have been donating their time and money to support student projects around the world through the MIT Undergraduate Giving Campaign (UGC). Each fall, volunteers gather in Lobby 10 for a one-week campaign, encouraging classmates to support their fellow students by helping fund their project ideas and turn them into reality.
Each year, the MIT Annual Fund helps secure a UGC Challenger. Often an MIT alum, this person signs up to challenge undergraduate students to participate in the campaign by offering an incentive of a matching gift.
All funds raised through the UGC are designated to MIT D-Lab Fieldwork Grants. These travel grants ensure MIT D-Lab students continue work to establish sustainable impact in developing communities around the globe.
Each semester a team of first-year, sophomore and junior volunteers runs this giving Campaign. Volunteers encourage their classmates to support travel grants to send student-led teams to execute MIT D-lab projects in developing communities. If you are interested in volunteering or learning more about the campaign, please send us an email at ugc@mit.edu.