Reunion gift chairs

Reunion gifts result from campaigns conducted by those classes celebrating a reunion year. Often, reunion gift initiatives spark and renew class spirit.

Reunion gift chairs concentrate their efforts on spurring their classes toward new fundraising records and higher levels of participation. The chair works with the Reunion Gift Committee and MIT staff liaison to determine campaign goals and strategies. The chair also makes personal solicitations, writes solicitation letters, and works with the Committee and staff to ensure that the campaign remains vital and maintains its momentum. Customarily, the chair is asked to represent his or her class by announcing the class’ reunion gift campaign results during Tech Reunions in June.


Reunion gift chairs in Fiscal Year 2015:

Class of 1965

John Golden Jr.
Doug Spreng

Class of 1970

Greg Arenson
Reid Ashe Jr

Class of 1975

Thomas Glen Leo
Bill Wang

Class of 1980

Kathleen Mulroney
Stacey Nakamura

Class of 1985

Willard Stanback
Townsend Thomas

Class of 1990

Nasser Ahmad
Humphrey Chen

Class of 1995

Jahnavi Swamy

Class of 2000

Bhuvana Husain
Sally Yu

Class of 2005

Charlene Chuang
John Velasco

Class of 2010

Afsah Shafquat

Reunion gift chairs in Fiscal Year 2014:

Class of 1964

Jim A Monk
Robert L Blumberg (vice-chair)
Leon M Kaatz (vice-chair)

Class of 1969

Joseph Levitch
Michael Warren

Class of 1974

John Emery Plum

Class of 1979

Stephen Gordon
Edward Hunter
Richard Kovalcik Jr.

Class of 1984

Steven Larky

Class of 1989

David A Costello      
Lisa C Costello        
Lori Tsuruda            

Class of 1994

Evan Matteo
Annalisa Weigel

Class of 1999

Duane Dreger

Class of 2004

Chaitra Chandrasekhar

Class of 2009

Jenna Berkowitz

Reunion gift chairs in Fiscal Year 2013:

Class of 1963

L Robert Johnson
Martin Schrage

Class of 1968

Keith Kallberg
Raymond Paret

Class of 1973

Paul Green
Gregory Moore

Class of 1978

Steven Webster

Class of 1983

David desJardins
Jono Goldstein
Hyun-A Park
Dan Schwinn
Damion Wicker

Class of 1988

Richard Barry
John Seo

Class of 1993

Yvonne Lin
Michelle Rosenberg

Class of 1998

Dedric Carter
Paul Shay

Class of 2003

Sarah Mendelowitz

Class of 2008

Michelle Aquing

Reunion gift chairs in Fiscal Year 2012:

Class of 1947

Dr Harl P Aldrich Jr

Class of 1952

Chair, TBD

Class of 1957

Chair, TBD

Class of 1962

Mr William T Bray
Mr Gerald L Katell
Dr George W Meyer

Class of 1967

Mr John Acevedo
Dr Barbara A Gilchrest
Mr Dennis E Womack-Kalla

Class of 1972

Mr Douglas G Bailey
Mr Riccardo J Di Capua

Class of 1977

Mr Thomas C Gooch

Class of 1982

Mr Charles Frankel

Class of 1987

Mr Jay L Cohan
Mr James C Cross III

Class of 1992

Ms Anne M Francomano
Ms Susannah Kerr Adler

Class of 1997

Ms Tara F Bishop
Mr Gary Brackenridge
Ms Eileen M Tanghal

Class of 2002

Winston Chang
Brian Richter

Class of 2007

Dhruvatej Boddupalli

Reunion gift chairs in Fiscal Year 2011:

Class of 1951

Dr Marvin C Grossman
Mr William L Maini

Class of 1956

Mr Haig Parechanian

Class of 1961

Mr Dorsey C Dunn

Class of 1966

Mr Michael R Adler
Mr Stuart J Vidockler

Class of 1971

Mr James D Shields
Mr Kenneth Wang

Class of 1976

Ms Susan A. Riedel

Class of 1981

Mr Marc J Chelemer
Ms Adina E Gwartzman

Class of 1986

Ms Sharon A Israel

Class of 1991

Ms Christina M Boyle
Ms Mary Hou Henriques
Mr John Kimble

Class of 1996

Mr Anand R Radhakrishnan
Ms Pappudu Sriram

Class of 2001

Rich Moy

Class of 2006

Ryan Allard
Jameel Khalfan
Kyle Zeller