MIT Annual Fund

Annual participation in giving is powerful proof of an institution’s greatness—and its worthiness of support. Yet despite its excellence, MIT only ranks middle of the road in annual participation among its peers. A movement is afoot to change this, and MIT alumni, parents, current students, and friends are leading the way.


To underscore MIT’s excellence through widespread annual support.


Increase alumni participation and, in particular, unrestricted support of the Institute. Encourage annual giving among other members of the community who wish to organize to support the Institute.

Participants needed:

Alumni, parents, current students, and friends. In short, you make the difference.


June 30, 2015


Keep track of supporters and progress by community group:
Undergraduate alumni: Donor roster
Graduate alumni: Donor roster
Parents: Donor roster
Friends: Donor roster

Get involved

MIT seeks to expand its network of volunteers who encourage giving within their communities. To discuss volunteer opportunities, or for questions, please contact:

Steve McAlister
Director, MIT Annual Fund
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