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Your Participation Matters
Class Reunion Gift totals will count gifts made in the four years leading up to the reunion, all gifts made this fiscal year by 6/30/22, and once a gift is made this fiscal year, all recurring gifts or pledge payments scheduled for payment by 6/30/26.

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Reunion Gift Progress
Class Reunion Dollars Participation Donors
1947 75th $3,650,647 10.47% 9
1952 70th $7,178,122 21.86% 54
1957 65th $22,961,853 28.04% 120
1962 60th $81,062,701 43.04% 241
1967 55th $37,265,246 42.21% 298
1972 50th $88,676,044 42.26% 355
1977 45th $36,339,254 33.01% 272
1982 40th $8,411,440 35.69% 353
1987 35th $9,110,157 29.82% 308
1992 30th $10,269,303 26.59% 251
1997 25th $3,965,632 31.30% 323
2002 20th $2,332,865 24.90% 252
2007 15th $548,013 22.21% 213
2012 10th $384,217 17.11% 172
2017 5th $166,263 11.15% 118

  Total $312,321,759 (Results as of 06/21/2022)
Reunion Gift Committee Volunteers
Reunion Committee
David Dellal
Rebecca Gallivan
Liana Ilutzi
Anthony Occidentale
Connor Popik
Kelly Shen
Veronica Wilson
Reunion Committee
Chidinma Egbukichi
Edward Flores
Alex Hall
Paul Kominers
Sarah Laderman
Shannon Moran
Mónica Oliver
Afrah Shafquat
Greg Steinbrecher
Jake Wamala
Gift Committee
Sarah Cha
Dwight Chambers
Heather Head
John Pavlish
Toyya Pujol-Mitchell
Jimmy Chang
Jim Flynn
Karen Ng
Leadership Giving Chair
Maria Jelescu
Gift Committee
Aden Allen
Victoria Anderson
Marjory Bravard
Jennifer Chang
Jonathan Coe
Rich Frank
Andrew Lamb
Yolanda Lau
Sandy Pae
Vibhav Rangarajan
Brian Richter
Sarah Tegen
Leadership Giving Chair
Nancy Chan
Gift Committee
Gary Brackenridge
Noah Breslow
Michael DeMassa
Laura DePaoli
Kenneth Dinovo
C. Andrew Frank
Youjeong Kim
Richard Lee
Mia Liu
Lori Maiorino Kermel
Reginald Paulding
Trevor Stricker
Eileen Tanghal
Michael Usowski
Cristina Valero
Elaine Wong
Grace Yang
Jennifer Yang

Holly Simpson
Gift Committee
Charisse Jacques
Elaine Joseph
Rebecca Niles
Rajesh Raghavan
Adam Singer
Sandhya Vasan
Peter Wainman
John Ward
Arthur Chin
Jonathan Suber
Gift Committee
Amanda Bosh
James Cross
Maria Kozloski
Carol Mohr
Ed Savard
Peter Wurman
Lucinda Linde
Monica Reynolds
Planned Giving Chair
Thomas Popik
Gift Committee
Eric Bier
Michael Colucci
Robert Duncan
Cindy Gilbert
Jonathan Goldman
Marissa Martinez
Lina Janavicius Morales
Arthur Ozaki
Rhonda Peck
Jason Weller
Tom Gooch
Carol Martin
Planned Giving Chair
Daniel Nolet
Gift Committee
Joseph D'Amore
David Dobos
Samuel Gasster
Kate Joseph
Eric Lindstrom
Kim Roddis
Richard Wachnik
Jim Alder
Doug Bailey
Leadership Giving Chair
Bob Mohr
Planned Giving Chair
Bonny Kellermann
Honorary Chair
Larry Bacow
Gift Committee
Janice Bertozzi
Brad Billetdeaux
Doug Breeden
Wendy Elaine Erb
Steve Henry
Samer Khanachet
Allan Kirkpatrick
Howard Klein
Kathy Kram
Phyllis Lantos
Rich Levin
Sarah Simon
Charlie Sprouse
Cindy Tobias
Victor Tom
Steve Ushiyama
William Thilly
Dennis Womack-Kalla
Gift Committee
J. Peter Bartl
Robert Ferrara
Howard Gillis
James Jelke
David Kress
Stephen Marcus
Michael Schiff
Dick Schulze
James Swanson
Michael Telson
Bruce Twickler
Jeffrey Wiesen
Thomas Burns
Lawrence Pitts
Planned Giving Chair
Sherwin Greenblatt
Gift Committee
Karen Adams, Ex-Officio
David Bragdon
William Terry Bray
Herschel Clopper
Walter Colby
James Draper
Henry McCarl
George Meyer
Erik Pedersen
Bardwell Salmon
Judith Selvidge
Oliver Smoot
Jeffrey Steinfeld
Robert Wilhelm
Carl Wunsch
George Mead Wyman
Reunion Gift Record Holders
Listed below are the standing records in class participation or dollars raised in each milestone Reunion Gift year. Click here for more information on retired gift records.
5th Reunion
Class of 2009
38.14% Participation
Class of 2011
10th Reunion
Class of 2009
38.14% Participation
Class of 2011
15th Reunion
Class of 2001
29.56% Participation
Class of 2005
20th Reunion
Class of 1997
34.98% Participation
Class of 1999
25th Reunion
Class of 1991
45.35% Participation
Class of 1991
30th Reunion
Class of 1985
43.26% Participation
Class of 1991
35th Reunion
Class of 1979
41.98% Participation
Class of 1983
40th Reunion
Class of 1974
45.01% Participation
Class of 1978
45th Reunion
Class of 1970
52.24% Participation
Class of 1976
50th Reunion
Class of 1970
61.56% Participation
Class of 1968
55th Reunion
Class of 1963
48.39% Participation
Class of 1962
60th Reunion
Class of 1956
42.78% Participation
Class of 1959
65th Reunion
Class of 1950
37% Participation
Class of 1956
70th Reunion
Class of 1945
35.65% Participation
Class of 1949
75th Reunion
Class of 1944
29.55% Participation
Class of 1944
Please email with any questions, or if you would like to learn more about volunteering to support your class’s reunion efforts.