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Celebrate Your MIT Reunion
Your Participation Matters
Class Reunion Gift totals will count gifts made in the four years leading up to the reunion, all gifts made this fiscal year by 6/30/24, and once a gift is made this fiscal year, all recurring gifts or pledge payments scheduled for payment by 6/30/28.

Please contact us with questions.
Reunion Gift Progress
Dollar totals include gifts and pledges
Class Reunion Dollars Participation Donors
2019 5th $139,499 9.23% 106
2014 10th $411,593 16.54% 173
2009 15th $810,953 21.63% 202
2004 20th $1,876,261 24.58% 266
1999 25th $14,372,278 26.26% 276
1994 30th $4,342,539 25.18% 249
1989 35th $5,650,157 26.74% 280
1984 40th $17,528,946 28.24% 292
1979 45th $21,360,868 30.66% 314
1974 50th $9,809,531 37.84% 322
1969 55th $37,106,887 34.20% 262
1964 60th $28,708,484 35.54% 204
1959 65th $40,461,223 23.87% 111
1954 70th $4,514,742 24.42% 53
1949 75th $8,980,626 23.68% 18

  Total $196,074,587 (Progress as of 05/20/2024)

Gift Committee
Micayla Flores
Stephon Henry-Rerrie
Katherine Stoll

Jason Lee
Alexis Ludena
Gift Committee
Daphne Basangwa
Carrine M. Johnson
Grace Tuyiringire
Madeline L. Wharton

John Cromwell
Shalewa Odusanya
Gift Committee
Rosa Alvarez
Lihua Bai
Anthony Chen
Calvin Chung
Malamo Countouris
Shahriar Khan
Ting Ting Luo
Ana Ramos Maltes
John Vincent

Kow Atta-Mensah
Kristin Smith
Gift Committee
Nisha Nath Berlia
Chaitra Chandrasekhar
Stephanie Chow
Margaux Daly
Fred Gao
Dave Ostlund
Joshua Ouellette
Pablo Rios
Mike Rolish
Matt Styczynski
Johnny Yang

Dominic Ricci
Pooja Shukla Devendran
Gift Committee
Andrew Bankert
Michael Barboza
Robin Evand Grandl
Anand Devendran
Robin Evand Grandl
Irene Kim
Joseph Sangjoon Kim
Semi Lee
Marco Mena
Laura Montalvo Stults
Margaret Shen
Mark Szigety
Melody Tsang Po
Ritu Gupta Ullal

Kerry Bowie
Stella Sze
Gift Committee
Theresa Chiueh
Shilpa Gadkari
Bradley Geilfuss Jr.
Joseph Kang Berdell Knowles Jr.
Elta Ratliff
Karen Terrell
Tolga Uzuner
Jeffrey Van Dyke
Annalisa Weigel

Carissa Climaco
Henry Houh
Gift Committee
Heather Cogdell
Paul Friedman
Barry Margulies
Dawn McKinley
Alison Miyamoto
Jessamy Tang

Steven Larky
Natalie Lorenz Anderson

Honorary Chair
Stephen Baker

Planned Giving Chair
Thomas Davis

Gift Committee
Eric Burger
Maralene Downs
Jeffrey Friedman
Pamela Gannon
Louise Jandura
Jean Kwo
Bill Mohr
Andrew Mutz
Hau Yee Ng-Lo

Edward Hunter
Daniel Ottenheimer

Planned Giving Chair
Gregg Stave

Gift Committee
Lisa Egbuonu-Davis
Marcia Grabow
Beth Marcus
Deborah O'Bannon
Thomas Potter Jr.
Katharine Stohlman
Reginald Van Lee

Luca Bencini-Tibo
Michael Randall Graham

Planned Giving Chair
Arvola Chan

Gift Committee
Charles Calhoun
Drew Gentile
Fujio Hayashi
Andre Jaglom
John Plum
J. Alan Ritter
Richard Sternberg
Jonathan Tepper
David Withee
Sandra Gay Yulke

Burt Barnow
Joseph Levitch

Honorary Chair
Denis Bovin

Planned Giving Chair
Joseph Levitch

Gift Committee
Mark Arvin
Maria Burka
Robert McGregor
Glenn Reyer
Anne Street

Robert Blumberg
James Monk

Allan Bufferd
Robert Muh

Reunion Gift Record Holders
Listed below are the standing records in class participation or dollars raised in each milestone Reunion Gift year. Click here for more information on retired gift records.
5th Reunion
Class of 2009
38.14% Participation
Class of 2011
10th Reunion
Class of 2008
35.62% Participation
Class of 2005
15th Reunion
Class of 2001
29.56% Participation
Class of 2005
20th Reunion
Class of 1997
34.98% Participation
Class of 1999
25th Reunion
Class of 1991
45.35% Participation
Class of 1991
30th Reunion
Class of 1985
43.26% Participation
Class of 1992
35th Reunion
Class of 1979
41.98% Participation
Class of 1983
40th Reunion
Class of 1974
45.01% Participation
Class of 1978
45th Reunion
Class of 1970
52.24% Participation
Class of 1978
50th Reunion
Class of 1970
61.56% Participation
Class of 1972
55th Reunion
Class of 1963
48.39% Participation
Class of 1962
60th Reunion
Class of 1962
44.64% Participation
Class of 1962
65th Reunion
Class of 1950
37% Participation
Class of 1957
70th Reunion
Class of 1945
35.65% Participation
Class of 1949
75th Reunion
Class of 1944
29.55% Participation
Class of 1944
Please email with any questions, or if you would like to learn more about volunteering to support your class’s reunion efforts.