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Bio Engineering/Environmental Health

FY2012 Final Results

Donors: 8

Gifts in Annual Fund: $1,045

An asterisk (*) after a name indicates William Barton Rogers Society members. An exclamation mark (!) after a name indicates 1861 Circle donors. A degree sign (°) after a name indicates Katharine Dexter McCormick (1904) Society membership. These notations will be updated on a monthly basis.

Dr Brian A Donahue PhD '91 Dr Vivian F Liu '89, SM '89 !
Mr Jim W Hansen '93, SM '99 Richard Tsai Ting SM '01
Dr Chi-Pong Kwan PhD '02 Dr Aoy V. Tomita '93, PhD '00
Dr Dongfang Liu PhD '01 Dr Janice A Vatland '95, SM '96, PhD '01