You did it, MIT10!
You met the challenge and I am honored to keep my promise."
- January 2017
Sam Kwei, ’05, Course 6
I’m Sam Kwei ’05, and I want to fund the next MIT10 scholar.

I need 1,500 MIT10 alumni to give by the end of December.”
- November 2016
Challenge Rules
  1. You must be an undergrad alum of the last decade (2007—2016).
  2. You must give to MIT by midnight (EST) on 12/31/2016.
That’s it, no other rules.
1,507 of donors as of 1/1/2017.
100% Complete
You did it!
About Sam Kwei
What made you want to challenge MIT10 alumni this year?
Since graduating in 2005, I’ve donated annually to help establish MIT10’s tradition of earning scholarships for current students. Now that I’ve graduated out of MIT10, I’m thrilled to be the one inviting all MIT10 alumni to take action. One of the biggest reasons I give back is that I was the beneficiary of—not only scholarship aid—but MIT’s amazing programs such as UROP, Externship, FASIP, LeaderShape, and the Freshman Leadership Program.
What was the biggest surprise for you, in your time as an MIT student?
I can only emphasize how much I learned and experienced through my UROP opportunity at the MIT Media Lab, remotely connecting geographically separated families through technologically-enhanced teddy bears, and the Externship opportunity, working on nano-materials research for military applications. Both were experiences of a lifetime that I would not have gotten anywhere else.
What is one thing about Sam Kwei that most of your fellow MITers never knew?
I am actually a big introvert at heart, deriving energy through meditation, self-reflection, and hiking. However, having grown up in a family with two extroverted entrepreneurial parents, I enjoy challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone to flex my Emotional-Quotient (EQ) muscles. As a result, I’ve traveled to six continents and worked in 40 countries and cultures. Many of my MIT friends inspired me to do so, as they tend to like to challenge themselves as well.