Koch Inst for Integrative Cancer Rsch

Gift designations

Koch Institute Director's Fund (2982900)
Discretionary support for the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research.
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The Koch Institute Frontier Research Fund (3890280)
Provides support for innovative, early stage cancer research projects that are difficult to fund with conventional funding methods but have potential for groundbreaking translational discoveries.
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Robert A. Swanson (1969) Biotechnology Center of the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research (3716500)
Provides support for the construction of 11 advanced biotechnology facilities serving the cancer researchers of the Koch Institute and across MIT.
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Sisters Against Ovarian Cancer (SAOC) Koch Institute Frontier Research Fund (3915625)
Gifts of alumni/ae and friends to support leading-edge interdisciplinary cancer research to develop new methods to detect, monitor and treat cancer, including ovarian cancer.
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Koch Institute Public Galleries Fund (3890285)
Gifts from alumni/ae and friends passionate about the role of art in science, which support the operations of the Koch Institute's galleries, public outreach, and educational efforts.
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S. Leslie Misrock (1949) Frontier Research Fund for Cancer Nanotechnology (3892649)
Gifts to support grants for research teams in the area of nanotechnology-based methods for treating, detecting and monitoring cancer. Preference will be given to projects that optimize interdisciplinary collaboration, maximize the engagement of trainees (MIT doctoral and undergraduate students), and demonstrate vision and innovation in pursuit of new nanotechnology-based solutions to cancer problems.
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