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OCW sustainers provide some of our most impactful support. When you become a sustainer, your donation automatically renews on a monthly or annual basis.

Your contribution can be made in an affordable way that’s convenient and customizable and you can set up a recurring donation in any amount below from a credit/debit card or PayPal account. You can make changes or stop your gift at any time.

Benefits of Being an OCW Sustainer:

  • You will be part of a global community of supporters that makes OCW available to users everywhere to pursue their educational passions and learn.
  • You will be acknowledged on OCW's website as an OCW Sustainer (you also have the option to remain anonymous).
  • You will never receive a solicitation request while you remain an OCW Sustainer.
  • You’ll receive a calendar year-end summaries of your cumulative giving to keep track of your support.

Monthly Commitment     Total Annual Gift
$5   $60
$10   $120
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$20   $240
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It all adds up!

By automatically renewing your gift, you help make a sustained impact on our daily operations, allowing us to innovate, improve, and enhance OCW at a steady pace.

Yes, I want to be an OCW Sustainer

Yes, I believe in MIT OpenCourseWare and want to empower learners around the world with free and open knowledge.

I trust MIT OpenCourseWare to create and publish the educational materials learners use to improve their knowledge and their circumstances.

You can change or cancel your sustaining pledge at any time, just call the MIT Alumni Association at 617-253-0129.

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