Matching gifts

Many companies offer employees a matching gift benefit that doubles the contribution to MIT. Matching gifts make a critical difference to the Annual Fund: Roughly 15 percent of MIT alumni work for matching gift companies, and their donations added $1.55 million to the Fund last year.

So when making your gift to MIT, check first to see if your employer has a corporate matching gift program.

The process for submitting a matching gift claim differs from company to company. Some require a completed paper form, others have an online system, still others request that claims be filed by telephone. In any case, if your company does provide a matching gift claim form, please complete it and send it to:

MIT Annual Fund
600 Memorial Drive, W98-200
Cambridge, MA 02139

Some companies require signed originals, but others may accept faxed forms. Please check with your employer to be sure before you fax over your claim form.

Fax: 617.252.1641

Don’t forget, matching gifts count toward donor recognition levels for the William Barton Rogers Society. As long as the match amount is received by June 30, you will receive the additional Annual Fund credit for that fiscal year.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us:

Tim Poisson
Director, Marketing and Participation
(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)