UGC: Underclassmen Giving Campaign
Thank you to all of the volunteers and donors who made the 2013-14 Underclassmen Giving Campaign a huge success!

Last year, 1,514 freshmen, sophomores and juniors, helping raise $8,475.55 for Public Service Center Expedition Grants through the UGC. Each dollar given by underclassmen was matched by MIT alum Joe Levitch ’69, bringing the total dollars raised between the fall and spring campaigns to $16,951.10 in support of student public service projects!

Donors also made a huge impact through votes for the Expedition Grant recipients. The UGC Candidates that earned the most votes last year and received Expedition Grants to fund their service work were: Feyza Haskaraman ’15, Nihala Thanikkal ’16, Keeley Erhardt ’17 and Yooni Kim ’15. Check out the impact of their service projects over the summer and IAP here.

The UGC will start up again starting the week of October 27. If you want to volunteer or learn more about the UGC send us an email at