UGC: Underclassmen Giving Campaign
In just one week last semester, 1,057 students, or 32% of the underclassmen student body, donated $4,225.19 to fund Public Service Center Expedition Grants. With our alum challenger Joe Levitch’s ’69 match, that’s $8,450.38 in Expedition Grant funding, so far this year, for MIT students and the PSC!

Not only did MIT students help fund the grants, but with their gifts they cast their vote and chose the projects that were funded. Check out the great work Chrystal Chern ’16 and Nikita Kodali ’17 did over IAP, thanks to the support of MIT students!

If you participated in the UGC last semester, thank you so much! If you didn’t have a chance, don’t worry, there is still time to participate this year. We have new candidates this semester and they need your support and your vote March 30th – April 10th.  Watch a short video on each candidate to learn more about their amazing service projects!

How it works:

When you make your UGC gift, you have the chance to vote for one student PSC candidate. The candidate with the most votes is awarded an Expedition Grant!

Don’t forget, MIT alumnus challenger Joe Levitch ’69 has agreed to match all gifts up to $10,000!

How you can help:

There are lots of options for giving and voting:

Come out to one of our study breaks co-sponsored by the 2016, 2017 and 2018 Class Councils:

Class of 2016:
March 31st 7 – 9pm — Student Center Lobdell

Class of 2017:
April 1st 8 – 9:30pm — Lobby 10

Class of 2018:
April 2nd 7:30 – 9pm — Student Center Lobby

Stop by Lobby 10 between 10am and 5pm April 6 – 10th to make your gift and vote. Visit the UGC booth in Lobby 10 on Monday, April 6th from 12-2pm to meet the candidates and learn more about their projects. There will be FREE desserts, including awesome cupcakes!

Any member of the classes of 2016, 2017 and 2018 can donate and vote. The only rules are you have to donate at least $1 to vote, and every donor can only vote once.

All gifts and votes must be made before
midnight April 10, 2015.