MIT’s rise to world leadership in education and research has been due, in part, to generations of generosity. And that generosity comes from many corners.


Lots of things contribute to the making of a good school—including highly accomplished students and alumni, a faculty with depth and breadth, and a record of innovating with impact. MIT is a world leader in all three of these areas, but here’s an equally important measure of a great school: the support of its alumni. By this crucial yardstick, MIT also has reason to be proud.


Even while helping to pay for their son’s or daughter’s MIT education, many parents of MIT students make donations to the Institute. They do this to show their appreciation for the world-class education their children are receiving, and to support the programs and activities that make the MIT experience special.


Most students, undergraduate and graduate alike, live on tight budgets. Most borrow money to help pay for their education. So the gifts that MIT receives from these young people—for example, for the Senior Gift or for the Sloan graduation gift—are especially meaningful. Though these gifts may be small in absolute terms, they are enormous in relative terms—and cumulatively, they have a profound effect on the Institute.


Each year, significant support for MIT comes from friends of the Institute—individuals who are not MIT graduates, but who believe deeply in the Institute’s mission. Friends include faculty members, parents and spouses of alumni and faculty, MIT staff, hundreds of people who pay tribute to a friend through MIT memorial gifts, and widows and widowers of MIT alumni and faculty, among others.

If you would like to explore ways in which you can support MIT—even if you are not currently connected with the Institute—please contact us.