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Exponential increases in global energy use. Political instability surrounding oil resources in the Middle East. Detrimental effects of greenhouse gas emissions on the environment. The scope of the world’s energy problems calls for a comprehensive portfolio of responses to technological, environmental, economic, scientific, and political issues.

MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI) researchers are hard at work on that portfolio. They are not only addressing energy needs in the short term (alleviating immediate shortage, security, and environmental concerns), but also in the long term—finding secure, economically viable, and environmentally sustainable energy sources.

MITEI builds on MIT’s strengths in science, technology, urban design, economics, and other fields, bringing them together in an interdisciplinary approach to a crisis that threatens our security, our environment, and our economic future.

Opportunities for making a difference

We welcome gifts of any amount to the MIT Energy Initiative, which can be directed to the funds listed below:

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MIT Energy Initiative Research Ignition Fund
Expendable gifts to be used to support sustainable energy-related research in emerging technologies.
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MIT Energy Initiative UROP Fund
Expendable gifts to support UROP projects with a focus on energy-related research.
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MITEI Energy Education Without Borders Fund
Gifts of alumni/ae and friends to support fo support graduate students performing field research or presenting their research results at conferences around the world. These opportunities are vital for timely completion of dissertations and for building new scholarly and professional networks.
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MITEI Energy Education Innovation Fund
Gift of alumni/ae and friends to support a number of education related initiatives including, the expansion of the undergraduate energy minor, enhancement of existing curriculum by developing new courses and infusing energy into existing subjects, and the evolution and dissemination of MIT's model for interdisciplinary energy education.
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MIT Energy Initiative Student Activities Fund
Expendable gifts to be distributed at the discretion of the MITEI Director to support student activities on campus around energy.
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MIT Energy Initiative
Gifts to an expendable fund to be used for unrestricted support of the MIT Energy Initiative.
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To discuss a special gift to MITEI, please contact:

Richard MacMillan
Senior Director, Philanthropic Advising
(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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