MIT is a place of extraordinary interactions. It’s a setting where people and ideas come together in new ways—illuminating mysteries, making sparks fly, and fostering intellectual breakthroughs.

But these extraordinary interactions need a strong financial foundation. We will rely on the support of our alumni and friends as we work to strengthen the Institute’s work—and defend its leadership position—in these key areas:

Unrestricted giving: Simply put, an unrestricted gift is the most important contribution you can make to MIT. Unrestricted gifts help maintain the extraordinary depth and breadth of our intellectual endeavors. Just as important, they give the Institute the ability to respond quickly to emerging opportunities.

MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI): The scope of the world’s energy problems calls for a comprehensive portfolio of responses to environmental, economic, scientific, security, and political issues. To address problems of this scale, the work must be done on all fronts. Under MITEI, Institute researchers are fast at work on that portfolio, with an interdisciplinary plan to address energy needs in both the short- and the long-term.

The David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research (KI) grows out of MIT’s proven strengths in molecular biology, genetics, cell biology, and immunology. But what makes this new enterprise so unique is the integral role that MIT’s engineering powerhouse plays.

MIT’s global initiatives take place on nearly every continent, and transpire at many levels—from individual faculty collaborations to institutional partnerships. And, they materialize in many forms—from teaching and research, to internships and work, to public service and outreach efforts.

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